FY2024 Entrance Examination

(scheduled to be conducted in 2023)

Date Time Subject Place
Aug 28 (Mon) 13:00~15:30 Regular education subjects

Engineering Building No.4
Lecture Room 41
Lecture Room 42
Lecture Room 43
Lecture Room 44
(subject to change)

Aug 29 (Tue)
9:00~11:00 Regular education subjects
13:00~15:00 Regular education subjects
Aug 30 (Wed) 10:00~12:00 Fundamentals of Materials
Aug 31 (Thu) 10:00~13:00
(subject to change)
Doctoral course
Oral examination
Sep 1 (Fri) 10:00~13:00
(subject to change)
Master’s course
Oral examination

(1) The examination room will be posted on the Graduate School of Engineering website and Department of Materials Engineering website by 10:00 am on August 25 (Fri) 2023. → Already posted. [PDF]
(2) Depending on the results of the examination, admission may not be permitted even if the number of successful applicants does not reach the capacity.
(3) The applicants for the doctoral program still need to submit the application documents even if the applicant is exempt from taking the written examination.