Message from the Department Head

Materials engineering is an interdisciplinary field at the forefront of science and engineering of all kinds of materials, including metals, ceramics, and polymers. Many of the breakthroughs in science and technology in diverse fields, such as social infrastructure, devices, and medicine, have been brought about by the development of materials with superior functions and properties that were not available before.

It is no exaggeration to say that the realization of a sustainable society, which is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity, is largely dependent on materials engineering. The contributions of materials engineering are expected in various industrial fields, including electronic devices with superior functions, structural materials with excellent durability and environmental resistance that support the safety and security of society, medical materials and pharmaceuticals that support human health, new processes that manufacture these materials with a low environmental impact, and theoretical calculations that provide optimized guidelines for the design and development of these materials.

The key to the design and development of materials lies in the control of their nano/microstructure from the quantum level to the macroscopic scale. The nano/microstructural control requires not only the engineering aspect of solving technical problems, but also a fundamental scientific understanding. If you are interested in the field of engineering and want to contribute to the future of society, we encourage you to learn our Department of Materials Engineering. You will find a pathway to a new discipline, a new industry, and a new society.

Hidehiro Yoshida Professor & Department Head