Ryo Yoshida Professor

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研究室 http://cross.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
研究分野 polymer gels, smart (intelligent) materials, biomimetics, artificial muscles, artificial organs, controlled drug release


My research subjects are design of smart (or intelligent) polymer gels and their application to biomedical and biomimetic fields. In addition to stimuli-responsive gels, in 1996, we have developed a novel self-oscillating gel which autonomously exhibits cyclic swelling-deswelling motion under constant conditions like heartbeat (JACS, 118 (1996), 5134). For these smart gels, application to artificial muscle, artificial organs, autonomous soft actuators, drug delivery systems (DDS), tissue engineering, biosensor, microfuildics, etc., has been attempted for creating a new field of gel science. And also, these smart gel systems would serve as a good model for the understanding of biochemical and biophysical phenomena, generally observed in living systems. My research should make an important contribution to current developing materials science and engineering in biomedical and biomimetic fields.


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2) R. Tamate, T. Ueki and R. Yoshida : “Evolved colloidosomes undergoing cell-like autonomous shape oscillations with buckling”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 55 (2016) 5179-5183.
3) R. Tamate, T. Ueki and R. Yoshida : “Self-beating artificial cells: Design of cross-linked polymersomes showing self-oscillating motion”, Adv. Mater., 27 (2015), 837-842.