Message from the Department Head

Kazuki Morita Professor & Department head

We use different materials, such as metal, ceramic and organic materials, according to our objectives. Based on recipes backed by experience and theory, different kinds of substances are combined to give a soul to new materials. What comprises the "soul" of a material are the functions and properties through which the material fulfills its purpose, and where its reliability and innovation have worked together to bring development to civilizations. The Skytree could not be built with the iron used for the Eiffel Tower, while if present day iron was used to build the Titanic, she would probably have not sunk. The highly efficient and miniaturized electronic and telecommunication equipment, such as the now ubiquitous smartphones, are nothing but the result of an extensive accumulation of innovations. However, as their size limit has been reached, the development of a material that replaces silicon is due to become a key requirement towards the development of next-generation technologies. When a gel, a polymeric material, is imparted pH reactivity, it acquires a flexibility that can open up possible applications such as in artificial hearts. Many materials that have fulfilled their missions occasionally reincarnate with a different shape and continue to benefit our lives.

Materials Engineering, which governs these concepts, is truly an "engineering of integration"; a group of scientific principles that evolve by providing support to every field of science and technology, and gives a new spirit to both ordinary and extraordinary things day by day. Why not lead the future with us and our dream materials?