Message from the Department Head

Takanori Ichiki Professor & Department head

Our daily life is full of products. Smartphones, computers, televisions, cars, aircraft and so on. These are things made by assembling materials. Materials exist everywhere around us, and therefore, we usually have few special consciousness on them. However, the performance limitations of products are determined by materials. A material is a thing whose atomic structures, ingredients and even defects are artificially controlled to give a new value to the substance as a function. Materials have often played a decisive role in the development of civilization as high-strength steel and high-purity silicon brought automobile civilization and information society to mankind.
In order to build a sustainable future in the 21st century, there are various challenges that mankind has to solve. Materials engineering is a "scientific melting pot" that reintegrates science and engineering of materials that had been subdivided into categories such as metal, ceramic, and polymer in order to realize new materials with advanced functions that meet the demands of the times. It has a long history and is also the newest academy. Materials engineering contributes to society in a wide variety of views including energy and environmental problems, creation of new industries, toughening of infrastructure, health and medical care. Why not open up a new horizon of materials with us and change the future?