Yuichi Ikuhara Professor

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研究室 http://interface.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/english/index.html
研究分野 ceramics, advanced transmission electron microscopy, grain boundary, interface, dislocation, high-temperature plastic defamation


Mechanical and electronic properties in materials are strongly influenced by the atomic and electronic structures of the grain boundaries and hetero interfaces. The main research in the Crystal Interface Laboratory is related to the grain boundary and interface characterization and their phenomena. We are developing the researches as the following:
a) Advanced transmission electron microscopy for materials science (STEM, HRTEM, EDS, EELS)
b) Grain boundary and interface characterization, properties and phenomena in ceramics
c) High temperature deformation behavior in single crystal and polycrystalline ceramics
d) Lattice defects (Dislocation Technology)
e) Theoretical calculation for materials science (First principles, MD, MO)
f) Oxide ionic conductor , Quantum device, Nano Wire


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