About Department of Materials Engineering

The Department of Materials Engineering, the University of Tokyo is known by the world's class activity of education and research on materials. Throughout the history of the department, it has been the Japanese leader in materials science and engineering education and research. Not only the faculty and staffs but also a number of graduates from the department have taken on important roles throughout industry and academia. The department grew out of the studies of metallurgy and mining, and then it had become keenly aware that materials engineering was becoming a key node in the integration of various fields based on research of metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors and so forth. Current researches in the department span the entire aspects including design, processing, utilization, and recycling of materials. The concept of state-of-the-art materials engineering is symbolized by its trademark logo of “Design of / for / with Materials.” At present, the department has 53 faculty members Professors, Associate Professors, and Lecturers), including those belonging to the Institute of Engineering Innovation, the Graduate School of Frontier Science, the Institute of Industrial Science, the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, and the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. In 2017, the department had 168 junior and senior undergraduates and 187 graduate students (138 masters and 49 doctoral). And of them, 56 were international students.


The department was first established as the Department of Mining and Metallurgy in 1886, at the same time as the School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo was founded as the Technical College of the Imperial University. The department was one of seven engineering departments forming the first College. To remain at the forefront of rapidly evolving materials science and engineering world, the department has been recognized and reformed several times. In the most recent reorganization, the Departments of Metallurgical Engineering and Mater ials Science merged into the Department of Materials Engineering in 1999 at the undergraduate level and in 2002 at the graduate level.