Tsuyohito Ito Associate Professor

TEL +81-3-5841-7108,+81-4-7136-3782
FAX +81-4-7136-3798

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研究室 http://www.plasma.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
研究分野 plasma materials processing, non-equilibrium interfacial processing, nano-composite materials


We are studying non-equilibrium reaction environments and interfaces, produced by plasma and/or laser excitation, for synthesizing novel materials, for developing novel processing techniques, and for developing new applications with them. The main topics are as follows;
1) Optical diagnostics of an interface between plasma and a condensed matter
2) Plasma-induced reactions in a microdroplet for 3D printing
3) Nano-composite materials synthesis with plasma-induced reactions in liquids
4) Nano-particles synthesis via laser-ablated plasma in high-pressure liquids
5) Applications of photoexcited surfaces in sensors or energy devices


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T. Kondo, M. Tsumaki, W.A. Diño, T. Ito “Influence of reactive gas-phase species on the structure of an air/water interface,” J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50, 244002-1-5 (2017).
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