Taisuke Sasaki Lecturer

TEL +81-29-859-2466
FAX +81-29-859-2701

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研究室 http://park.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/nanostructures/
研究分野 3D atom probe, Electron microscopy, Light alloys, Magnetic Materials


My research interest is in the microstructure analysis of metallic materials using scanning and transmission electron microscopes and 3D atom probe. Through the detailed microstructure analysis, ideal microstructure to realize the excellent property is proposed, and verified experimentally. Followings are ongoing projects;

Development of strong and formable magnesium alloy sheets
Clarification of microstructure evolution in various precipitation hardened alloys, e.g. Mg, Al. Ni alloy etc.,
Microstructure analysis and development of high coercivity permanent magnets
Microstructure analysis of spintronic devices


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