Madoka Takai Professor

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研究分野 biointerface, biomaterials, biosensor, biodevice, thin-film materials, electrochemisty


Research Objective
The biointerface is created when biomolecules, proteins, viruses or cells contact solid surfaces such as inorganic, synthetic polymer or bio-inspired materials. The aim of our study on biointerface science is to understand and control the behaviors of such biological entities on the material surfaces. We are developing highly functional medical devices for artificial organs, medical diagnoses and regeneration medicine by design of the biointerface.

Subjects of Research 
Development of biocompatible biointerfaces based on bioinspired materials for applications in biodevices
Development of highly sensitive immunoassay and cell separation device by use of polymeric microfiber
Development of block copolymers and hydrogels to investigate the cell-material interactions


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K. Kushiro, T. Yaginuma, A. Ryo and M. Takai, Differences in Three-Dimensional Geometric Recognition by Non- Cancerous and Cancerous Epithelial Cells on Microgroove-Based Topography, Sci Rep, 7, (2017)
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