Ichiro Daigo Associate Professor

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研究室 http://sdm.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
研究分野 industrial ecology, material flow analysis, material stock accounting, sustainable resource management


My research activities are in the field of Industrial Ecology. We need a compass for materials to achieve the goal of sustainable development. We are developing analytical tools and assessment tools to optimize use of natural resources through the material life cycle from virgin material to final sinks in terms of resource conservation and addressing climate change. Current topics are as follows.
a) Analysis on material stock and flow and on dynamics of recycling systems using dynamic modeling.
b) Development of life cycle assessment methodologies for materials on the basis of materials' life cycle.
c) Development of models and tools to evaluate sustainability of materials and resources.


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B. Sprecher, I. Daigo, W. Spekkink, M. Vos, R. Kleijn, S. Murakami, G.J. Kramer: “Novel indicators for the quantification of resilience in critical material supply chains, with a 2010 rare earth crisis case study. Environ. Sci. Technol., 51, 3860 – 3870 (2017)