Ken Uchida Professor

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研究分野 nanosclae electronic devices, transport phenomena in nanomaterials, molecular sensing


In the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era, every physical device will be connected to network. In this framework, any physical devices will have sensors that will continuously obtain various kinds of physical as well as chemical information around us. We expect that big data consisting of these sensor outputs will be analyzed with AI and valuable information will be extracted to improve our quality of life. In our group, low-energy sensors and information processing devices have been developed by pursuing physics of nano-mateials and nano-devices. Recent research topics are as follows.
1. Metal nano-film sensors for breath diagnosis
2. Thermal transport analysis of nano-meterials for low-energy sensors
3. Electron-phonon interactions at the interface of insulator and semiconductor
4. Supramolecular sensors
5. Information processing devices beyond von Neumann architecture


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