Akira Toriumi Professor

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研究室 http://www.adam.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
研究分野 high-performance electron devices (Ge, Si, graphene, high-k dielectrics and functional oxides)


We are studying high performance and functional electron devices using new materials. Particularly, understanding
and control of hetero-interfaces between different materials are our fun.
a) High-k Dielectrics for Advanced CMOS -Interface Control & Material Scienceb
b) Graphene FETs - Transport and Interface Reactions -
c) Ge Gate Stacks - Challenge to High-Performance Ge CMOS -
d) Conductivity Control of Transition Metal Oxides - Gate Controlled Nonlinear Resistor -


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2) C. H. Lee, T. Tabata, T. Nishimura, K. Nagashio, and A. Toriumi,
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