Faculty Members

Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering

Eiji Abe
Eiji Abe Professor
metallurgy, light metals, electron microscopy, conputational materials science
Kazuhiko Ishihara
Kazuhiko Ishihara Professor
polymer biomaterials, MPC polymer, biointerface, cell-materials interaction, artificial organs, cell-engineered device
Takanori Ichiki
Takanori Ichiki Professor
nanobio device, micro total analysis system, nano/microfabrication, plasma processing
Ken Uchida
Ken Uchida Professor
nanosclae electronic devices, transport phenomena in nanomaterials, molecular sensing
Manabu Enoki
Manabu Enoki Professor
structural integrity, performance prediction, microfracture/deformation, nondestructive evaluation, structural health monitoring
Yukihiro Shimogaki
Yukihiro Shimogaki Professor
ULSI multilevel interconnect, opto-electronic integrated circuit, MOVPE, CVD, ALD supercritical fluid deposition
Takeo Hoshino
Takeo Hoshino Project Professor
material circulation system, life cycle assesment of environmental impact, sustainable engineering, indstrial policy on material and energy systems
Kazuki Morita
Kazuki Morita Professor
high temperature physical chemistry, extractive metallurgy, chemical equilibrium ,isotope exchange, environmental engineering
Hidehiro Yoshida
Hidehiro Yoshida Professor
structural ceramics, high temperature creep, superplasticity, flash sintering, grain boundary
Ryo Yoshida
Ryo Yoshida Professor
polymer gels, smart (intelligent) materials, biomimetics, artificial muscles, artificial organs, controlled drug release
Satoshi Watanabe
Satoshi Watanabe Professor
computational materials physics, electronic structure calculations, nanoscale transport, nanomaterial properties, materials informatics
Aya Mizutani Akimoto
Aya Mizutani Akimoto Associate Professor
surface science for hydrogels, polymer surface design, biomaterials, interaction between materials and cells, regenerative medicine, developmental biology
Hirotaka Ejima
Hirotaka Ejima Associate Professor
polymer material, nanomedicine, bioinspired adhesive, biomimicry, metal-phenolic network
Makoto Kambara
Makoto Kambara Associate Professor
plasma materials processing, solidification and crystal growth
Koji Kita
Koji Kita Associate Professor
advanced semiconductor devices, oxide thin films, widegap semiconductors, interfaces
Toshiya Sakata
Toshiya Sakata Associate Professor
semiconductor device, biosensing, bioelectronics, biochip
Yasushi Shibuta
Yasushi Shibuta Associate Professor
materials modelling, molecular dynamics, computational metallurgy, large-scale simulation phase transformation
Ichiro Daigo
Ichiro Daigo Project Associate Professor
industrial ecology, material flow analysis, material stock accounting, sustainable resource management
Kosuke Nagashio
Kosuke Nagashio Associate Professor
2D materials, layered heterostructure, electronic transport properties, crystal growth
Shoichi Nambu
Shoichi Nambu Associate Professor
steels, metallic composites, interface, joining, microstructure, mechanical properties
Hiroyuki Matsuura
Hiroyuki Matsuura Associate Professor
high temperature materials processing, physical chemistry, pyrometallurgy, materials recycling, environmental-friendly materials processing
Kanjiro Miyata
Kanjiro Miyata Associate Professor
Nanomedicine, Biomaterial, Polymer self-assembly, Drug delivery system, Nucleic acid drug
Yuichi Yamasaki
Yuichi Yamasaki Associate Professor
biophysics, DNA conformation, DNA condensation, polymeric micelle, gene delivery
Taisuke Sasaki
Taisuke Sasaki Lecturer
3D atom probe, Electron microscopy, Light alloys, Magnetic Materials
Takayuki Shiraiwa
Takayuki Shiraiwa Lecturer
fracture, mechanical properties, structural health monitoring, fatigue, acoustic emission (AE)
Takeshi Momose
Takeshi Momose Lecturer
supercritical fluid deposition (SCFD), physical properties of supercritical fluids, thin film process, metal film, organic/inorganic hybrid material

Institute of Engineering Innovation

Yuichi Ikuhara
Yuichi Ikuhara Professor
ceramics, advanced transmission electron microscopy, grain boundary, interface, dislocation, high-temperature plastic defamation
Naoya Shibata
Naoya Shibata Professor
interface physics scanning transmission electron microscopy, materials science, ceramics

Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering

Takamasa Sakai
Takamasa Sakai Professor
Polymer Physics, Polymer gels, Structural Biomaterials
Madoka Takai
Madoka Takai Professor
biointerface, biomaterials, biosensor, biodevice, thin-film materials, electrochemisty
Yuichi Tei / Ung-il Chung
Yuichi Tei / Ung-il Chung Professor
structural biomaterials, bone and cartilage biology, bone and cartilage regenerative medicine
Horacio Cabral
Horacio Cabral Associate Professor
nanomedicine, drug delivery, bioactive polymers; self-assembled nanostructures, imaging, diagnosis
Yuji Teramura
Yuji Teramura Associate Professor
Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Cell Surface Engineering

Department of Advanced Materials Science, Graduate School of Frontier Science

Kaoru Kimura
Kaoru Kimura Professor
applied solid state physics, nano-space function design, structurally complex material, thermoelectric materials, icosahedral cluster, quasicrystal
Kazuo Terashima
Kazuo Terashima Professor
advanced plasma processing, micro-/meso-/nano-plasma, nanotechnology, cluster, functional materials, supercritical fluid plasma
Yoko Mitarai
Yoko Mitarai Professor
High-temperature materials design, microstructure control, high-temperature strength, creep, deformation mechanism, shape memory alloys
Tsuyohito Ito
Tsuyohito Ito Associate Professor
plasma materials processing, non-equilibrium interfacial processing, nano-composite materials
Tetsuya Matsunaga
Tetsuya Matsunaga Lecturer
high temperature strength、creep、deformation mechanism、light metals

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

Takashi Kondo
Takashi Kondo Professor
compound semiconductors, nonlinear optical materials, semiconductor laser diode, molecular beam expitaxy, perovskite solar cells